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The Best Lash Course: What to Look For

Written by: Taylah Small



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We hear this a lot: what makes  "The Best Lash Course"? 

There are loads of factors that go into creating the BEST lash course, and also comes down to each student's individual learning preferences.

However, there are some golden rules to follow when searching for the best lash course for you - and we've put these into a list for you to refer to when you're on the hunt for a lash educator!

Starting your journey to become an Eyelash Artist is an incredibly exciting endeavour!

As you set foot into the lash extension industry (a  BILLION  dollar industry!), you're venturing into a world of creativity, beauty, and boundless opportunities. However, along with the thrill of starting this new chapter, there's a crucial decision that lies ahead: choosing the right educator and the best lash course to guide you through this exciting journey.

The beauty industry has a huge range of option for lash education, it's perfectly normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed!

After all, selecting the best lash course and educator is paramount to laying a solid foundation for your future career as a leading Eyelash Artist. So, how do you navigate through this sea of choices and pinpoint the perfect fit for you and your career aspirations?

Here are our golden rules to help you make an informed decision:

1. Recognised and Reputable:

It's crucial to look for educators and courses that are highly recognised in the lash industry and have a stellar reputation within the eyelash community. A reputable institution with a track record of producing skilled artists can offer you the credibility and confidence you need to excel in the field.

Look at previous students' testimonials, their results and success stories. See what ratings this course has from previous students, how many students have enrolled in this course and how experienced the educator is.

Does the educator have a successful business of their own? We believe it's important to seek training from an educator who has experience in both lashing AND running a successful business - so they can teach you from experience!

Ask yourself: How long has this educator been in the industry? Have they taught others before? Understanding their background can help you decide if they're the right fit for you.

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2. Class Size and Duration:

Another thing to consider is class size - smaller classes can mean more personalised attention from the instructor, which can be really helpful when you're just starting out! If you're in a class of 10 students verse a class of 2-3 students, which course do you feel will give you a more personalised approach

A smaller class means more opportunities for individualised feedback, troubleshooting, and guidance, which are invaluable when learning intricate techniques like lash extensions. With fewer students competing for the instructor's attention, learners can ask questions freely and receive immediate assistance, leading to a deeper understanding of the material.

Now onto course duration. While a 1-day course may seem convenient for those with busy schedules, it often lacks the depth and thoroughness necessary to fully grasp the intricacies of eyelash extension application. A longer course, spanning 2 or 3 days, allows for a more comprehensive exploration of the subject matter. It provides ample time for theory instruction, hands-on practice, and skill refinement under the guidance of the instructor.

This extended timeframe enables students to absorb information at a more manageable pace, practice techniques extensively, and build confidence in their abilities. Moreover, a multi-day course provides the opportunity for ongoing support and mentorship beyond the classroom.

Students can continue to receive guidance from the instructor, seek clarification on concepts, and refine their skills even after the course has ended. This ongoing support is invaluable as students transition from the classroom to real-world practice, ensuring a smoother transition into their careers as Eyelash Artists.

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3. Curriculum and Training Approach:

Research what different educators are offering and including in their curriculum and training approach. All courses will be different, so it's important that you find one that includes everything you need to be able to safely provide lash services and start your own business.

Find a course that suits your learning needs; whether that be in person training or online training. Ensure that the course content aligns with your learning objectives and covers essential topics such as lash application techniques, safety protocols, client consultation, and business management skills.

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4. Hands-on Experience and Mentorship:

Practical hands-on experience is invaluable in mastering the art of eyelash extensions, and is a key component of finding the best lash course. Seek out courses that provide you with the opportunity to show your new practical skills and receive feedback on for improvement.

If you prefer supervised hands-on practice sessions, then in-person training is the way to go! If you prefer to learn from home at your own pace, online training is a great option but it is important to find an online course that includes assessment pieces so that you know you're on the right path!

This personalised guidance & feedback can accelerate your learning curve and ensure confidence in your new abilities.

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5. Lifetime Support and Continued Education:

Consider what ongoing support and resources the educator provides beyond the initial training program - do they provide lifetime support to you as a student? Or do they cut ties once you've paid for your course?

A commitment to continued education and professional development demonstrates a dedication to your success as a lash artist and can help you stay ahead of industry trends. The best lash course should provide ongoing and lifetime support to all students past, present and future.

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6. Career Opportunities and Networking:

Explore whether the educator offers any additional benefits such as networking opportunities, access to further mentoring with them or potential job references within the industry. Building a strong professional network and leveraging career opportunities can propel your career to new heights.

By carefully evaluating these factors and conducting thorough research to find the best lash course for you, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your career goals and sets you on the path to becoming a standout Eyelash Technician.

Remember, investing in quality education is an investment in YOURSELF and your future success in the incredible world of lash artistry!

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