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Lash Extension Retention Tips: You NEED To Read This

Written by: Taylah Small



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Is your lash extension retention sub-par...?

Are your clients coming back with 2 lashes hanging on for dear life...?

Or perhaps you're all too familiar with the dreaded "my lashes are falling out" texts flooding your inbox week after week, leaving you on the brink of giving up on your lash business...?

Don't worry because we understand the struggle all too well! Every lash artist has experienced this, you're not alone! It can be so disheartening and it's enough to want to pull your hair out with frustration, but we're here to lend a helping hand!

That's precisely why we've curated our favourite lash extension retention tips  just for you! So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through our best methods for improving your client's lash extension retention & saving you stress, time and money each week!

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First up - what is lash extension retention?

Lash extension retention refers to the ability of eyelash extensions to stay attached to the natural lashes over time. It measures how well the extensions hold on to the natural lashes without prematurely falling out.

Good lash extension retention means that the extensions remain in place for an extended period, maintaining the desired look and fullness until the next refill appointment.

1. When a client first lays down on your beauty bed, you have to ensure you're properly cleansing their lashes before any application takes place.

By cleansing your clients lashes, you're removing any dirt, makeup and oils that will prevent the lash glue from bonding to the natural lash (this will ultimately result in poor lash extension retention)

Imagine this - you're trying to stick a piece of tape to an oily wall, it's  not  gonna hold! You would clean the wall first right? Same goes for your lash extensions! Any makeup, dirt or oil is creating a barrier between the lash extensions and the natural lashes!

2. Tell all your clients to remove any eye makeup before their appointment, and to avoid wearing mascara for 24 hours before their fullset appointment!

Mascara can leave an oily residue deep in the lash hairs, which will make it harder for the extensions to stick!

Queue the "I've had so much fallout and it's only been 3 days" texts... We don't want that! So creating the  *cleanest*  surface to work on is your first step to amazing lash extension retention

3. Is your lash glue working for you, or against you?

When applying lashes you want to use the correct glue for the speed that you work at!

Using a glue that dries faster than the speed you work at will cause the glue to dry before you have time to place the extensions.

On the other hand using a slower drying glue when working at a faster speed will lead the glue to become very gluggy and sticky - this makes the eyelashes stick together and causes damage to the natural lashes and lash extension retention (no one wants that!)

We recommend if you're a new lash artist to use a  slower drying glue (2-3 seconds) to start off with, and then when you have built more confidence and have the placement perfected then you can start experimenting with faster drying glues (0.5-1 seconds) 

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4. Placement and isolation are VITAL for long lasting lashes

Incorrect placement such as placing lash extensions too close to eye, not placing them at the correct angle or not correctly isolating every individual lash, will not only cause discomfort for your clients but major damage to their natural lash growth.

When applied correctly, lash extensions are not damaging to natural lashes and can be worn all year round!

It's important to focus on your placement rather than speed if you're wanting the best of the best results. Ensure that the base of the extensions are fully attached to the natural lash, so there isn’t any lifting.

If there is lifting in the extensions a gap is created, and this allows dirt, oils, face products and makeup to get in between the extensions and the natural lashes. This means the lash extensions won’t bond - leading to poor lash extension retention.

5. Even if you're doing everyyyything correctly, your clients also need to be taking proper at home aftercare of their lashes

Clients need to be educated on your aftercare protocols, and follow them to a T.

This means letting your clients know to:

  • Avoid getting their fresh lashes wet or near steam for 24 hours: this crucial step allows the adhesive to fully bond without interference, ensuring longer-lasting results.
  • Brush their lashes every morning and night: regular brushing helps to maintain the shape and prevent tangling, promoting a fuller and more uniform lash appearance.
  • Avoid sleeping on their face: sleeping on their back or side can help prevent unnecessary friction and pressure on the lashes, reducing the risk of premature fallout.
  • Avoid touching their lashes: constant touching can transfer oils and dirt to the lashes, compromising adhesive strength and leading to potential irritation or infection.
  • Use lash cleanser and cold water to clean their lashes (no oily makeup cleansers!): proper cleansing is essential for removing debris, oils, and makeup residue that can accumulate on the lashes. Cold water helps to minimise swelling and irritation, while oil-based cleansers can break down the adhesive bond, leading to premature lash loss.
  • Remind them to book their refills in 2-3 weeks:  regular refill appointments are essential for maintaining the fullness and integrity of lash extensions. Encourage your clients to schedule their next appointment in advance to ensure continuous gorgeous lashes.

Providing your clients with written instructions before they leave their appointment ensures that they have clear guidance on how to care for their lashes at home, setting them up for success and maximising the longevity of their lash extensions. Together, we can achieve stunning and enduring lash results!

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